A City of Sadness (BFI Modern Classics) by Bérénice Reynaud

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Cinema of the Other Europe: The Industry and Artistry of East Central European Film by Dina Iordanova

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Disintegration in Frames by Pavle Levi

Double Vision: My Life in Film by Andrzej Wajda

Eros Plus Masscre: An Introduction to the Japanese New Wave Cinema by David Desser

The Essential Mystery: The Major Filmmakers of Indian Art Cinema by John W. Hood

Film: The Front Line – 1983 by Jonathan Rosenbaum

The Films of Oshima Nagisa: Images of a Japanese Iconoclast by Maureen Turim

The Films of Theo Angelopoulos: A Cinema of Contemplation by Andrew Horton

Harun Farocki: Working on the Sight-Lines, edited by Thomas Elsaesser

Forest of Pressure: Ogawa Shinsuke and Postwar Japanese Documentary by Abé Mark Nornes

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Nothing Happens: Chantal Akerman’s Hyperrealist Everyday by Ivone Margulies

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